Punky's Wedding Invitations - Pick a style or make up your own!

Ocean & Sands Wedding Invitations

Each piece is delicately hand made with your personal touch.
Corrugated stock resembles waves and hold a breath taking design. This 'sandy' invitation is placed in a brown paper bag looking envelope to give that island feeling.

Leaves in the Fall

For a beautiful autumn wedding
Casino Royale

Viva Las Vegas! or Roll 'em Reno!! wherever you might have your special day, spice it up with this unique idea!

Pick a Pocket Please

These pocket invitations can be made in several ways and
in almost any color you can think of like this bride and her Peacock theme. Make it elegant with floral designs or spunky with circles, squares and shapes! Let your imagination run wild!

Unique Booklet Invitations

This style is great for the couple you have lots of information to put in their invitations. Give us your ideas/theme and we'll make it come to life in this layout. Have as many tabs as you like.

Custom Orchids

Brown and Green are the theme for this Bride's invitations. With a silouette of green orchids on each page, this style gives that personal touch she needed. This 3 page wedding invitations is bound together at the upper left corner with a brown brad. Also included is a postcard RSVP and custom designed envelope with your return address printed on it as well.
Soft Touch

Give your wedding invitations a soft touch with light colors, earthtones or pastels with a touch of elegant swirls and wisps!

Bold and Beautiful

choose a simple bold color printed on beautiful metallic paper with metallic envelopes included

Corrugated Plumeria Panel

Choose your own theme and back it with corrugated cardstock and an added vellum overlay with your own personalized wording.

Pretty Purple 3 Page Panel

Purple & Black are the theme for this Bride's invitations. Using a custom designed monogram to add the personal touch, this 3 page wedding invitations is bound together at the bottom left corner with a black brad. This invite includes a perforated rsvp in the back for easy mailing.

Simple Panel invite with a flair

Choose your own theme or color styles. For brides that are simple and to the point! git' r' dun! =)

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Sweet & Simple

....just that....keeping it sweet and to the point! =)


One of the most simpliest ways for simple bride to get the word out, "I'M GETTING HITCHED AND YOU'RE INVITED...oh..and please rsvp" =)

This easy tri fold invitations has room for basically the basic with a perforated card for your guests to send back their response!

Come up with your own idea and let me create it for you!
Touch of Tribal

Unique samoan design thought up by the beautiful bride. Bringing culture into your wedding invitation is one of the best ways to express your family roots. Make it traditional or add a contemporary flair!

Simple Tri Panel

Simple, yet elegant. This Tri fold panel invitation can come in any color you choose. Left panel holds a postcard rsvp for your guests to easily mail back to you.
100      $495.00
150      $677.00
Qty       Estimate
100      $425.00
150      $563.00
Qty       Estimate
100      $375.00
150      $487.50
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100      $727.00
150      $1033.00
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100      $560.00
150      $832.50
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100      $293.00
150      $427.00
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100      $325.00
150      $452.00
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100      $698.00
150      $875.00
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100      $475.00
150      $675.00
Qty       Estimate
100      $695.00
150      $989.00
Qty       Estimate
100      $695.00
150      $989.00
Qty       Estimate
100      $515.00
150      $707.00
Qty       Estimate
100      $273.00
150      $362.00
Qty       Estimate
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